14 Free Worthing Business Directories, and why you should register with them.

There are several benefits that come with listing your services on Worthing business directories, or any local business directories for that matter. In this article i’ll be outlining these, as well as providing some examples of both free, and paid solutions.

Worthing businesss directory

1. Backlinks

For those who aren’t well versed on SEO terminology, backlinks are the lifeblood of your SEO campaigns. Your site needs to be referenced in many places across the internet in order for you to rank well, or alternatively be referenced on high authority sites. In this instance, business indexes lean closer towards quantity than quality, but every little helps. Some indexes will provide more benefit than others, but all of them will assist in improving your presence. Clients searching on google typically don’t go past the first page when they’re looking for a service or product. Building backlinks will help you reach this goal and match your competitors.

2. Referrals

Funnily enough, people search business indexes when they’re looking for a particular service. This can land you clients right off the bat. On top of this, the index sites you’re registered with might rank quite highly on particular keywords you want to cash in on. Your listing on their site may also perform well in those organic searches you’re targeting! That’s free traffic for your business, which is exactly what you want.

3. Improve local presence

The reason i wrote this article in particular, is that a lot of my social media audience are from Worthing, and would benefit from registering with Worthing business directories. By doing this, you are showing google that your business is located in Worthing. Google is smart, it knows that when you search for “hairdresser” or “Photographer” you’re not looking for one in Scotland. With that in mind. it will provide you with content that it believes is in Worthing – You need to signal to google in as many ways possible that you are based in Worthing.

4. A platform for customers to review your service

If any of you are like me, you’ll usually check for reviews or testimonials before you purchase a product or service. With that in mind, these indexes provide great opportunities for that. Google loves promoting businesses with reviews, it’s an important part of their algorithm.

Now that i’ve got that out of the way – Here are the Worthing business directories:

Sussex Local
Business Magnet
Yell (Or yellow pages)
Central Index

Central index will automatically place you in a large number of local directories, local news websites etc.

Business directory

Web Designer Directories:

Design Website directory
Web Design Directory
Designer Directory

Here’s a  pretty useful tool to take a look at too, for business specific directories:


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