If you’re a local, brick-n-mortar, business – you could be missing out massively.

A lot of business owners believe that digital marketing doesn’t work for their business, or that they don’t need it because they have a physical location. When in reality, that’s about as far from the truth as you can get.

The search engines are still massively important to your local business these days.

It’s good to be sceptical of advice. But here at Unorthodox Tech, we like to be on top of our game for ourselves and our clients. So, we’re going to show you 3 reasons why Digital Marketing still matters to your Local Business.

Let’s get into it.

1. People are Searching for Your Services

BrightLocal conducted a large scale consumer research survey.

The results were pretty unsurprising. The majority of consumers (97%) use search engines to find their local businesses when looking for a service. And a whopping 54% of those searched for a business within the last month.

Image Source: BrightLocal.

Not only that, but the total answers that said they’ve never searched for a local business was just 3%. Whether you like it or not, your customers are all searching for businesses online. What’s worse? A lot of potential customers probably just aren’t finding you any more.

Having a building, some flyers and an ad isn’t enough these days. You need some local SEO digital marketing efforts. The numbers prove it.

2. People are Reading Reviews for Your Business

You want to have your fair shake at everything, right?

Whether you list yourself or not, Google allows reviews on your business. And the fact is, even if you’re the best company in the world, some of these reviews may not be very nice. So, it really only makes sense to ensure you’re able to have your say on the matter too.

Image Source: BrightLocal.

Because digital marketing doesn’t just mean getting more eyes on your site or brand. It’s also about making sure your business reputation and image is congruent between your physical store and its online listings. That’s one part of digital marketing every business should focus on.

If you’re struggling, we help local businesses – especially in the Worthing area – to get prioritised and started with their digital marketing efforts all the time. Just get in contact with us and we’ll set out a plan of action with you – so you know what to focus on and when.

3. Not Everyone Knows Where You Are

This one should be obvious, but it doesn’t seem to be to a lot of business owners.

Whether you’re listed in a directory, giving out your address over the radio or using hard-copy to tell people about your business: Not everyone knows where it is. And they’re going to search for your business, and businesses like yours, online – to get a map to said business.

That would be absolutely fine if only you were a butcher and only you showed up if someone searched for a local butcher. But as the image above shows… That’s not the case. They’ll get a bunch of butchers. With reviews and ratings. Addresses. Closing and opening times.

So, you could be losing a lot of potential business. Even when locals are looking for YOUR business. Simply because you’ve not got your digital marketing image in check.

Closing Words

We’re here to help your business in any way that we’re capable of doing so.

If your business is struggling, we offer digital marketing consultancy and implementation. We work with clients both local and international, however we currently specialise in working with businesses local to our own, in Worthing.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns – please contact us today.