It can be hard to know what you NEED to have on your website, sometimes.

Especially when the entire internet seems to be focused on digital marketing to produce online sales. And you’re there, with a brick-and-mortar business, not trying to sell anything online. But still wanting to produce an effective web presence.

Luckily for you, we’re here to help. We specialise in marketing and website design in Worthing (and globally).

There are a few elements that are specifically effective for local businesses. There are some that are shared by both online and local businesses. We’re going to go over everything you need to have and know about your local business website design for it to succeed.

Diving right in…

1. NAP

NAP is arguably the most important acronym any local business website owner needs to know. It stands for (business) name, address and phone number. And it’s one of the biggest trust signals for your local business website to rank well.

Worthing photography Snack Pack results on Google.

When Google is trying to rank and certify businesses to appear in the snack pack (as shown above), their algorithm looks around online to verify the NAP of your business using other online sources, such as directories and business listings.

If you don’t have a NAP present, or it’s not fluid across all instances of it online, you won’t be getting as highly recommended in the Snack Pack as other businesses. Meaning you could be losing business!

That’s why we tell all of our Worthing website design clients to get their details fully fleshed out on Google My Business as well.

NAP Takeaway

  1. Make sure it’s present on your website.
  2. Email or submit changes to any directory/listing that has your NAP wrong.
  3. Immediately look to update any mention of your NAP online if it changes.

2. Images

Images add credibility to your website and business. Using them to showcase your products, your business location and staff can all add a real, authentic and appealing feeling to your website. Enticing people to visit your business over others!

WP-Smush interface on WordPress.

However, remember that when using images you need to ensure they’re appropriately formatted and condensed. WP-Smush and similar tools are a good way to prevent images from slowing down your site, by ensuring your users only need to load image sizes appropriate to their usage.

Images Takeaway

  1. Use appropriate resolution images, anything other than that slows loading times!
  2. Use relevant imagery to ensure it’s the best representation of your business.

3. Fluid Design

Nobody likes to use a hard-to-navigate, poor UX site. Google and other search engines know this, so they rank sites lower for having a poor user experience now. Which makes website design all the more important these days.

Poor website design example. Image source: Elegant Themes.

This is an easily avoidable issue though. Firstly, base your website on WordPress like the rest of the Internet these days. Next, pick a good theme. Then fill in the rest. It’s as simple as that.

If you are in need of more extensive customisations, we here at Unorthodox Tech offer Worthing web design services, as well as internationally. Simply check out our “Website Design” page and contact us if you’re interested in working with us!

Fluid Design Takeaway

  1. Make your site easy to use.
  2. Base it on a good platform, like WordPress, to ensure a good UX.
  3. Customise as necessary, but remember experience above all.

4. Social Share Buttons

You want your pages to be easily shareable. That’s one of the ways your loyal customers can get the word out about you. And get more eyes on to your website – which helps with both your business income and your ranking on the search engines.

Social share buttons fluidly built into the page via Sumo.

But, if you’re making it too difficult to share your pages (i.e. making them have to type out a page etc.) you’re probably going to lose potential shares. So, just get some one-click social share buttons in place instead. Sumo is the plugin we recommend for this.

5. A Solid Digital Marketing Plan

Your competition has a marketing plan in place for their website. That’s why they’re ranking well. To get on their level, or to maintain your position at the top if you’re already there, means you need to have a marketing plan in place.

Local SEO ranking factors.

If you’re unsure of where to start, you can read this article by Solvid to learn the 8 most important Local SEO ranking factors in 2018. You could also read our article on why Digital Marketing still matters to local businesses.

However, you may need help beyond that. That’s where we can help, here at Unorthodox Tech. We offer Digital Marketing advice, implementation and research. If you’re interested in taking your efforts to the next level, please get in contact with us.

We work with businesses around the world and locally. Helping Worthing businesses especially excel in their website design.

Now, that’s all we have for you this time. If you’re stuck with anything, have any comments, criticisms or questions for us… Please let us know. We’re here to help local businesses thrive.