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How to improve social media page

Being active on social media is an important factor in promoting business growth, resulting in more sales and customers. Creating a social media page is simple and everyone can develop their own Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page in a matter of minutes. Yet many...

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How to optimize your care home website for more business

Attracting customers as a start-up care home or agency can be challenging initially, that is why its so important to craft a great care home website. The UK’s already busy and ever-growing health and care sector means a lot of competition. As a direct result, you must...

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Marketing video – tips and advice

Marketing video - tips on how to achieve the best possible result Use a professional voice, and use language that will fit your target audience. There is no benefit of sounding like Einstein, when you are offering window cleaning services. Speak with energy and...

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Marketing tips and advice

Marketing tips and advice for small businesses and start ups Attracting customers is one of the greatest challenges for startup businesses. If it’s your first business you might be lacking marketing skills, however most of the principles of marketing can be seen as...

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Start a business : what to do before opening?

Start a business, some tips and advice prior to opening Perhaps one of the most important things to do before opening a business, is to research the market in your area. How many companies in your area offer similar services and products? What are their pricings? Are...

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How corporate events can benefit your business

Build a stronger team with corporate events. Corporate events are often forgotten about by new businesses, however introducing corporate events to your company can bring a lot of prosperity and make your brand truly stand out from others. It is vital for a start up...

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What is SEO? How to improve your page rank.

What is SEO? Seo stands for "Search Engine Optimisation" and is a powerful tool in your digital marketing campaign. It refers to optimising your site to fall in line with standards set by popular search engines, in order to improve your ranking on particular keywords....

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My Website/URL Is Blocked By Facebook: How to resolve

So, you've probably come here as you're trying to add your website to your Facebook page or share it with a client, but it has been blocked by Facebook. Upon sharing, you've been greeted with this: If like us, you resorted to the Facebook forums or knowledge-base and...

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How to Insert Images Into Microsoft Word

Insert images Microsoft word: After receiving and confirming my logo design with my clients, they often ask me – “How do I insert images into Microsoft word documents?”. I figured I would write an article on it for two reasons: A) It will assist my clients, and save...

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