Is Your Facebook Ad Not Delivering? Here’s Why –

We’ve all been here before – You’ve just worked hard creating your illustrative, carefully crafting your words and selecting a targeted audience. You’ve set your ad to run, you’re excited to see the results and things are going smoothly until you notice a little red light and those dreaded words. Facebook Ad Not Delivering.

So, why is this?

The Facebook ad not delivering error can be caused by a number of reasons, in this article we’ll be outlining some of the most common solutions to this issue.

1.Is your Campaign or Ad active?

This might almost sound silly, but it’s worth checking. Visit your ad manager and double check if the activity slider is green in the dashboard. It should be in the second column of the table on your ad manager page.

2. Did your campaign reach its spending limit?

When creating your campaign, you will have set two spending – your spending limit for the entirety of the campaign, and your daily budget. If there has been a miscalculation somewhere down the line, perhaps you have allotted too much in the daily budget vs your spending limit, and the campaign has prematurely reached the limit.

Please note, your account itself may also have a spending limit. Follow the below steps to lift this:

  1. Go to your Payment Settings
  2. Navigate to the “Set your account spending Limit” menu option
  3. Click “Set Account Spending Limit”
  4. Choose a new value and click “Set Limit

3. Your ad may not have been approved

Facebook have a dedicated team who review their ads. One of the common issues users face when submitting ads is that there is too much text in the images they are providing. If over 20% of the image is occupied with text, Facebook will reject the ads. If you need assistance with this particular area, we offer Digital graphic design services, including Facebook ad image creation. Alternatively, freelancers are a cost effective solution for this too. But be wary when using freelancers – We speak from personal experience when we say it can be difficult to find quality, reliable freelancers.

Adult content is also not allowed on the platform. Drug/ Tobacco usage, nudity, prohibited links or anything else that breaks TOS.


Facebook ad not delivering

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