Attracting customers as a start-up care home or agency can be challenging initially, that is why its so important to craft a great care home website. The UK’s already busy and ever-growing health and care sector means a lot of competition. As a direct result, you must be ready to develop unique ideas and remain a dynamic business. Owning a website that includes relevant pieces of information with an eye-catching design can however draw customers to your business.

Remember those when building your perfect care home website

care home website

  • Know your clients

Constructing your website based on the needs of the clients is of paramount importance. Things such as services, mission and vision should be visible throughout the website to encourage the customer to choose your service rather than others. Quite clearly, a client won’t chose a website that has little or no relevant information to the service that they are looking to get. Due to that, make sure that your services are clear and visible to the eye of every client.

  • Use of images and pictures

Images and pictures can add a lot of value to your website as well as making it look more interesting. They can help break up text, in order to achieve better readability. You want your pictures to reflect the service you are offering, e.g. a picture of a care home with a team of healthcare assistants reflects a care home perfectly. To achieve best results, hire a photographer to take professional photos of your service.

  • Engage into social media

Social media such as Twitter or Facebook can be helpful when it comes down to promoting your site, and therefore granting you a better chance to get more site visitors as well as more potential clients. Start-up businesses often get their sites ‘shared’ on social media by friends, whilst that’s not going to get you an immense client base – a word of recommendation is the best way of marketing any product or service, and so it can help yourself grow initially. Once again, you can use pictures such as members of staff fulfilling their work with enthusiasm and energy. This is great, since you can even do it from your mobile phone!care home website

  • Be better than your competitors

The health and care sector is truly huge in the UK. Review your area in search for care homes and agencies and view their services and mission statements. You want to stand out in a positive light, making you different from competition whether that’s based on the different services you provide or how your vision differs from theirs.


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