Being active on social media is an important factor in promoting business growth, resulting in more sales and customers. Creating a social media page is simple and everyone can develop their own Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page in a matter of minutes. Yet many people don’t use their pages effectively, which results in less business and a shorter reach.

social media pageDifferent ways in which your social media page can grow and be visited more frequently:

1. State your business and everything that comes with it. Be open to the public, list your services, prices and so on. Offer free consultations if you are a startup for a greater chance of getting in touch with new customers. Moreover, include your opening hours, contact number and e-mail.

2. Upload pictures of the team, your facilities and so on. Images can be a great tool of gaining a wider audience, they are often shared or liked on social media pages – with that their reach grows proportionally. If you can manage to create a funny informational video, or a video of any sort that attracts a greater number of people – the amount of hits on your page will increase significantly.

3. Share your achievement and progress. As a business, you will constantly advance – growing, improving and evolving to the needs of your clients. New innovative ways of working, bigger teams and so on can be just what your client needed.

Customer relations and you…social media page

Encourage on-line reviews to your clients. A word of recommendation has always been the best way of getting more business. Your social media page will benefit greatly from excited and happy customers leaving a positive reviews about the way in which you work. Completing work before the deadline date, being informative and helpful – are just a few of the positives that may be picked up on from your customers. Do let your customers know, that you would appreciate feedback online, in a long run you will accumulate tens, and then hundresds of reviews which will serve as a magnet to your further customers.

A few popular social media pages

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram