Insert images Microsoft word:

After receiving and confirming my logo design with my clients, they often ask me – “How do I insert images into Microsoft word documents?”. I figured I would write an article on it for two reasons:

A) It will assist my clients, and save me time on explaining how to do it
B) It’s a fairly common question I receive, so I assume this information will be useful to a lot of others.

There are a few different ways to achieve the same result here, but under certain circumstances, certain methods will not work.

You can watch the video here, or scroll down for written instructions:

Insert images Microsoft Word:

Before you start!

The first thing you’re going to want to do, for any of these methods is navigate to your image. You can use any of the below methods, depending on which one is going to be suitable for you.


If you’ve downloaded the image, you can find it in Windows explorer, which has the below icon.

windows explorer




You’ll find your downloaded image in one of two places:

  • Windows Explorer (you can open this by clicking the start button and doing a search for “File Explorer”)
  • Or, your desktop


If the image is on the internet, open the page/location where it is on the internet.



Next we will Insert the image into word, with one of the following methods:

Method 1)

Copy/ paste:
If you locate your image, you can simply right click the image, or the file and select copy, then in Microsoft word, right click the word document and select paste.

After locating your image, right click and you will see the following menus, depending on where your image is located:
If the image is on the internet:
insert images microsoft word

If the image has been downloaded:

local images

Then, in Microsoft word – if you right click, you will see the following menu. Under “Paste options” Click the picture of the clipboard.
paste microsoft word

Method 2)
Using “Insert image” feature to insert images Microsoft word

This method is preferably used for images that have been downloaded to your computer. Images from the internet can be attached in this way, but it’s slightly more advanced, and won’t work under all circumstances.

To download an image from the internet, simply right click it and select “save image as”. Once the image is on your computer, or if you have already downloaded it:


  1. Navigate to the “insert” tab within Microsoft word

navigation bar

2, Select “pictures
3. Browse to your picture, left click it and then select insert
Insert Picture


Once the image is inserted, you can resize it by left clicking, and dragging one of the corners.

The image can also be dragged and re positioned by holding left click on it and dragging the mouse.

I hope this article has been of use to some of you, and if you have any further questions about this particular article, or some of the more advanced features in Microsoft word feel free to post a comment and I’ll be happy to assist.


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