Marketing tips and advice for small businesses and start ups


Attracting customers is one of the greatest challenges for startup businesses. If it’s your first business you might be lacking marketing skills, however most of the principles of marketing can be seen as common sense.

Spend your money wisely and set a budget

Having a budget that you can keep in mind will come in handy, you don’t want to overspend or under spend and you always want to have control over your money. Setting a budget prior to any purchases will aid you in knowing what you can and can’t have. Be careful of deals that sound too good to be true and only use verified websites. In the world of internet scammers sometimes abuse startups with promises of low prices and quality products, and in the end you might not get anything at all and waste your money.

Know your target audience

Ask yourself some questions. Who will be interested in your products or services? What are the age groups? Is there anything or anyone out on the market that will compete with you with regards to price and service? You need to have a thorough idea of who you will sell to, and start marketing to them. Marketing allows you to track your progress as well as spreading the word of your company.

Social media and more marketing tips

In today’s society most people use the internet on a daily basis, whether its for personal, business or shopping – the internet is a great tool to spread awareness about your company, as well as providing your services via its use. Even if you are a start-up business, create social media profiles such as Facebook or Twitter. You can advertise your products or services as well as share your successes and keep people updated with special deals and offers. Initially the follower base will be small, but with consistency other will share your posts or speak to friends about you. As time goes, more attention will be given to your social media profile, helping you get the sales you want to meet.

Your own website

Think of how many times you went on a online site to purchase something that you wanted. Surely, you have at least once. Major companies have their own websites that are dedicated to them and their services, on-line shopping is a continuously growing market, so make sure that you present yourself out there for your benefit.


Marketing tips : Make yourself visible on the internet to widen your audience

Marketing tips : Make yourself visible on the internet to widen your audience

Provide Free services to your customers

Make a blog, podcast or newsletter that will provide useful information for your clients. Whilst this is free, you are also giving them an opportunity in purchasing your products or services which will be linked in the information you include in your chosen way of providing information. People that read or listen to your ideas will also get an idea of who you are and what views you hold. By providing content to others, you will increase the chances of on-line sales as well as approaching a wider audience at the same time.


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