Pine Recruitment

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Mike Bhebe

Director, Pine Recruitment

Pine Recruitment was an interesting project to work on, particularly the logo – which had a very unique image to encorporate. As the name states, we were requested to use a particular image of some pine leaves and encorporate them into the logo, as well as design a website for them.

Logo Design

As a part of our deluxe package, along with the website design – we worked with the client to create an eyecatching Logo design with the client. We offer unlimited revisions on our logo designs, until our clients are happy but in this instance we got it right on the first try.

Website Design

Our developer had carefully chosen a stunning colour pallete to correspond with the vibrant green in the pine leaves on the logo. We opted away from a full width site, to choose a contrasting colour, that was soft and would help the green tones stand out, without clashing.

Content Writing

As the client had purchased the deluxe website package, content writing was included with the service. After asking a small set of questions, we were able to accurately and positively portray his business on the website, allowing him to continue running his business as usual.

Hosting, Domain name and Mailserver

We provide a fully inclusive service, that allows our clients to have every digital aspect they require to establish their web presence, the first year free and from then on, an extremely affordable price – we’ve yet to see a more cost effective solution.