Practical Staffing:

Practical Staffing was great to work with, an absolute pleasure. The client requested a 5-page site, containing information about their company and what services they offer. We completed the project in a timely manner, whilst updating the client every step of the way, ensuring that they are satisfied with the work conducted. 

Website Design

Our team have worked hard to create an appealing website for the client. We created a unique logo from scratch, using the customer’s specifications.

Content Writing

Practical staffing had already written up their own content on the site – so we designed the site to fit around that, ensuring that the information was presented in a friendly and engaging way.

Hosting, Domain Name and Mailserver

We provide a fully inclusive service, that allows our clients to have every digital aspect they require to establish their web presence, the first year free and from then on, an extremely affordable price – we’ve yet to see a more cost effective solution.

This is test text, until we receive approval from the client.

Krishan Naidoo

Director, Practical staffing