Reclock LTD:

We had a great time working with the directors of Reclock LTD on this project. They purchased our Deluxe Website design package, which includes everything they needed to get online, such as logo design, website design, content writing, website hosting, domain name and professional email addresses. The directors were extremely pleased with our work, and left us with some stellar feedback. Customer satisfaction really matters to us, and allows us to continue doing what we are doing through referrals. Therefore, making sure that our customers are happy is at the very top of our list of priorities.

Website Design

We Provided Reclock LTD with a website that has been built within a powerful CMS, while providing them with documentation to  allow them to update their information independently.

Content Writing

Our professional content writers have provided the writeup for the site, and portrayed the clients business in a positive light, while keeping the reader engaged.

Hosting, Domain Name and Mailserver

We provide a fully inclusive service, that allows our clients to have every digital aspect they require to establish their web presence, the first year free and from then on, an extremely affordable price – we’re yet to see a more cost effective solution.

I am very likely to refer Unorthodox IT Solutions to others, due to the efficiency of the work and the polished look of the website. This is great for marketing my services.


Director, Recklock LTD.