Responsive website design – What is a mobile responsive site?

With mobile audiences growing year by year, over 50% of your audience value a Mobile responsive website design, so not having one can be detrimental to your business. A responsive website design will automatically scale the way it displays itself to match the capabilities of the device it’s being viewed on. For example, images and text might be resized, or potentially removed/ replaced depending on the resolution of the device the user is on. if a user is viewing your site on their mobile phone and your site is not responsive – they tend to navigate away from the page as it can be difficult to find the information they need.

57% of people wont recommend a business that has a poorly designed mobile site.

In the UK, we spend on average 66 hours per month on mobile devices.

In the US, we spend 88 hours per month on mobile devices.

As of 2015, 51% of internet users internet browsing time is on their mobile phones.



Here’s an info-graphic on the matter:

Mobile responsive


Examples of a Responsive website design:

mobile responsive website design

desktop responsive website design


No one likes to do a horizontal scroll. Sometimes, it can make the difference between a visitor buying a product or not.

As you can see, it’s the same website, but depending on the device, it displays differently. This is very important. Imagine trying to fit the large, wide desktop site onto a mobile phone – you’re going to end up having to do a horizontal scroll to view all of the content.


You might now be asking yourself – Is my website responsive?


At Unorthodox IT solutions, all of our website designs are responsive by default. We are also able to turn static websites into responsive websites.

If you’re unsure, why not contact us for a free website review/consultation? We can offer you advice free, professional advice and assistance on the matter.


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