So, you’ve probably come here as you’re trying to add your website to your Facebook page or share it with a client, but it has been blocked by Facebook. Upon sharing, you’ve been greeted with this:

Blocked By Facebook

If like us, you resorted to the Facebook forums or knowledge-base and followed their instructions, chances are you had no luck; Which is why you’re here. I’ve seen a lot of people on the internet get stuck with this issue while i was doing my research, some even went years without resolving it. Some resorted to sending letters to Facebook HQ in Ireland, but I’ve got a method you can do completely digitally.

It’s a shame, that when you’ve been blocked by Facebook and try to contact their support, you come to the realisation that there is very, very few ways to get in contact with a human being on the matter. Time and time again, you’re directed by Facebook back into the same faulty algorithm that blocked you in the first place! The debugging tool, which they recommend you use is also entirely useless in this situation. All i personally got from it was Error Linting URL, not “Your site has been blocked because of x,y,z.”

How to resolve being blocked by Facebook:

Okay, so here’s the part you’ve all came here for. I’ll just start by saying, i can’t confirm which one of these methods resolved the issue, but i can say that a combination of them all fixed the problem within a matter of 2 days for me. It’s worth being thorough and trying all of these. This warning message they give to your visitors can massively impact your conversion rates and deter visitors from your site (Who can blame them).

Step 1:
Run the site through the Facebook sharing debugger:
I’m pretty sure this did nothing for me, but it was part of the process i went through.

Step 2:
Get your site registered with a site scanning authority:
Trend Micro

Step 3:
Appeal your links, through BOTH URL Block appeal sections
Appeal 1
Appeal 2

Step 4:
Post an Ad through Facebook, and then if it gets declined, appeal the ad, explaining that your site is verified as safe by one of the authorities in step 2.

IF THE APPEAL IS DENIED – Re appeal, and write in the ticket the same thing. If denied several times, delete the campaign and create a new one, then try the same again.

IF THE AD IS ACCEPTED – The link most likely isn’t blocked anymore.

Step 5:
Register as a Facebook Developer, then post your issue in an unrelated forum.

I know this one is quite annoying, but it’s the only way you will get through to a human. They will most likely close down your ticket, or perhaps point you in the right direction.

Just spam the hell out of all of these methods, and you’ll have your site unblocked. It really is a shame that you have to go to such lengths to get it done, but with Facebook being such a valuable tool in business, it’s very important to make sure you can utilise it. Don’t give up, you’ll be able to resolve it eventually. If you need any further help, feel free to contact us and we’ll offer you some assistance.