What is SEO?

Seo stands for “Search Engine Optimisation” and is a powerful tool in your digital marketing campaign. It refers to optimising your site to fall in line with standards set by popular search engines, in order to improve your ranking on particular keywords.



How does Google rank pages?

Google promotes pages that are highly shared across the internet, so it’s important that your website provides useful information that is easy to share.

What is SEO?

How do i improve my ranking on Google?

The most effective method of improving your page rank on google, is by updating your site with regular content, for example with a blog – carefully choosing keywords that your potential visitors/ target market will search for. By providing well written, and regular content google will prioritise your page over your competitors. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a topic, or write keywords that will improve your SEO but there are tools available to assist. Try Yoast SEO for wordpress.


How do i get people to share my content?

Providing high quality content that leaves your visitor feeling as if they have benefited from visiting your site is a start. As well as that, you’ll need to provide a platform that encourages them to share your content. If you’re using WordPress, there are great WordPress plugins available for this such as SumoMe.


Quality comes over quantity in terms of shares, and content. Don’t use black hat methods, or employ those who do – it could have a lasting impact on your ranking. Even if you can only update your site/ blog once per week, it’s plenty – providing that you are giving your viewers quality content.


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