5 Reasons why a website is important for my small business

You might be thinking, why is a website important for my small business? It’s easy to be doubtful at first, the thought of parting with your money and bringing on a design agency to build your online presence can be a daunting process, but its highly beneficial to your day to day operation. I’m sure your clients or potential clients have either asked you if you have one, or even tried searching for you online prior to contacting you. While there are free website solutions available, and this is better than nothing – I’d almost always recommend bringing on a professional to conduct the work for you, as they will have a much deeper understanding of good industry practices which will net you the best possible results.

Why is a website important for my small business?

Why is a website important for my small business

1. Provides Authority for your business

When dealing with potential clients, they are going to ask to see your website. This is possibly the most important reason on the list – it helps to prove that you are a legitimate, operating business that is serious about what they do. Ensure that your designs are of good quality, with no mistakes – a small mistake is enough to turn away a potential client.

2. Shoppers conduct online research before buying – reach new clients

81% of shoppers conduct online research before buying a product or service. This means that if you aren’t on the web, you are potentially missing out on a huge¬†portion of your demographic. If you’re having difficulty selling your products, perhaps it’s time to jump online and get yourself some web presence. That being said, even if you aren’t having any issues with sales, establishing yourself online will only benefit your business further.

3. Your competitors have one, and are reaching a large portion of your audience that you aren’t

Even if you’re a local leader in your industry, your potential new clients are searching online and coming across your competitors first. When they’re doing that, you’re right at the back of their mind.

4. Increase the audience for your business

Producing regular content such as blog posts and videos, interacting with your clients on social media and registering your website and services on online directories will increase traffic to your website, as well as foot traffic. This one is more of an optional task, that will benefit your business and the performance of your website. It can be confusing and time consuming, which is why we offer bespoke digital marketing packages to our clients.

5. Show off your products and services

What better opportunity is there to showcase all of your products and services in the perfect light than with a website? Imagine giving the perfect sales pitch, every time. You’re pretty much accomplishing that when you’re online.

How do i make a website?

There are two routes you can go down when making a website. We always recommend hiring a design agency to do the work as a first choice, as there are no restrictions on your site domain name, everything will be in your name etc. It’s understandable that not everyone has the budget for that, so we’re going to include a free alternative too.

At Unorthodox IT solutions, we offer affordable and inclusive website design packages, as well as digital marketing services. We have decades of experience creating websites within our team, and can create a website that’s not just beautiful, but performs well and benefits your business too. You can find more information here.

Alternatively, you can use a free tool like WordPress. The issue with this though, is there are restrictions in place for free sites – for example your domain name will always end in wordpress.com. Also, there are limitations as to which plugins you can use, bandwidth limits etc.

Why is a website important for my small business? Now you know!